Compare V2 Cigs –Good Alternatives For Regular Cigarettes

While thinking about using an e-cigarette, several questions may arise in your mind. It’s obvious to have a number of questions due to misinformation and speculation has been spread over about the safety of the product. There are many e-cigarette brands that are available in the market, which makes your selection process quite a challenging task.

If you’re looking to grab an e-cig for you, you’ll most probably need to understand few things about them. However, before getting into the details, let’s have a brief look to the regular tobacco cigarette.

The regular cigarettes include about 599 additives that are approved by the US government to be used in manufacturing process. Whilst these components are approved as foods, they are not good for health. When the cigarette is burned, nearly 4000 chemicals are produced, out of which about 60 chemicals are classified as carcinogens.

Carcinogen and other additives in regular cigarettes

Carcinogen is a kind of agent or substance that produces or incites cancer. If any specific component is known to aggravate cancer, but do not essentially lead to cancer, it may also be called as a carcinogen.

Basically, cancer is caused due to the changes that take place in the cell’s genetic blueprint (DNA). Some of the carcinogens can’t affect or change the DNA directly however these can cause the cells to divide quicker than normal. It could eventually boost the chances of causing serious changes in the DNA.

In addition to carcinogen, different additives contains are utilized to increase quality and taste of smoke, which makes it more attractive to users. Chocolate flavors and sweeteners are used for making the cigarettes more viable for women, and newbie.

Menthol is added to numb down the throat soreness. Most of the components are additive and toxic in nature. When these elements are burned, the products formed by combustion might be toxic.

V2 Cigs vs. Traditional Cigs


The V2 cigs are much more beneficial when compared to the regular cigarettes. Firstly, the V2 cigs are totally ash and smoke free. They create no tar, bad breath, odors, etc. The V2 cigs gives its users the ability to enjoy them at any place and at any time. These are free from the most of the smoking bans. The V2 cigs are much affordable than the conventional cigarettes.

Features of V2 Cigs

  • Come with Automatic or manual batteries for vapor control
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Fine vapor creation
  • Cash back guarantee for startup kits
  • A number of customization options available

V2 cigs come with the flavor cartridge that can last longer than the regular cigarette pack. Purchasing V2 cigs can help you reduce your total tobacco expense by 50 to 75%. It’s wise to spend money on the modern trendy e-cigs rather than those old fashioned cigarettes.

With V2 Cigs, you are helping yourself and your environment as well. It doesn’t leave any waste after usage. Now, you could enjoy the V2 cigs guilt-free, and be rest assured that you’re not polluting the environment.